The Dominica Sperm Whale Project is an innovative and integretive study of the world's largest toothed whale. Since 2005, Dr. Shane Gero has spent thousands of hours in the company of sperm whale families in order to learn more about these mysterious ocean giants. The population of whales in the Caribbean has given us the unique opportunity to come to know them not just as animals, but as individuals within families. Our program is the first to have followed families of whales across years. Now 10 years into the program, we have followed many calves from birth through weaning and we now know that some families have been using the region for decades.

Our current research is being completed in partnership with Dr. Peter Madsen's world-leading Marine Bioacoustics Lab at Aarhus University. The will be the first synthesis between Shane's long-term behavioural study and the comprehensive small-scale data collection of Peter's innovative sound and movement tags. Learn more here