Press Material

The project has a number of images and sperm whale audio available which can accompany stories on the project, Dominica Tourism, Whale watching, or sperm whales in general. Please contact us with specific requests.

Selected Press Coverage

BBC One Television Blue Planet LIVE
National Geographic Online This baby sperm whale was tangled in ocean trash for 3 years
National Geographic Magazine Print Meet the Underwater Photographer Who Chases Sperm Whales
National Geographic Online NGS Explorers Festival
BBC One Television Blue Planet II
TEDx Online The Lost Cultures of Whales
CTV Television CTV Morning Live: Ottawa
CKCU Radio Tuesday Morning Special Blend
CBC: Ideas Radio Darkwave: Underwater languages at the brink of extinction
The New York Times Print The Lost Cultures of Whales
CBC The Nature of Things Television Think Like an Animal
Geographical Magazine Print Caribbean sperm whales speak with a distinctive accent
arte Germany Television The Caribbean - whales and volcanoes
Quartz Online Sperm whales form clans with distinct cultures and dialects
ArsTechnica Online New evidence that sperm whales form clans with diverse cultures, languages
The Current Radio Whale talk: Canadian researcher reveals how sperm whales communicate
National Geographic Online Sperm Whales in Caribbean Have Distinct Culture
Motherboard Magazine Online A New Sperm Whale 'Culture' Was Just Identified in the Caribbean
MacLean's Magazine Print Have we met?: Sperm whales can talk and have dialects
BBC Earth Online The whales that speak in code to show their identity
Hakai Magazine Online Caribbean whales have an accent
BBC Earth Online Sperm whales can remember their friends
Science Magazine Online Whale social network reveals allies
The Speaker Online The Language of Sperm Whales
Illustreret Videnskab Print Welcome to the Whale Collective
National Wildlife Print The Private Lives of Sperm Whales
OCEANA Magazine Print Question & Answer with Shane Gero
BBC Ocean Giants TV Voices of the Sea
Maclean’s Magazine Print In the Company of Whales
Quirks and Quarks Radio Whales with Regional Accents
WIRED magazine Online Sperm Whale Voices are Personal
New Scientist Print Whales Form Babysitting Circle