To promote locally motivated conservation to ensure that marine mammals born today can raise the next generation in a healthy ocean

On an evolutionary timeline, sperm whales are among the oldest of the toothed whales. They have lived in the oceans for longer than modern humans have walked upright. Over a modern timeline, these families we have been working with over the last ten years have known each other for far longer just by living in the same neighborhood. We know that these families have lived in the area for decades, and likely even centuries. Their ocean nation has lived parallel to ours, mostly unnoticed, for generations and the weight of their shared history should greatly affect our actions.

Since 2005, we have worked closely with stakeholders on the island and have a good working relationship with the government agencies, local whale watch operations, and the public. We have championed the movement for regulation of both the commercial-swim-with and the traditional whalewatch tours in Dominica. Our long-term goal is to work with the government to create an EEZ-wide marine protected area similar to that found in the neighbouring French islands.